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Maximize the Power of the Pill

Developing Your Mindset

Are you really ready for changes?

Following these 3 Steps can help set your life on a new path. Maximize the Power of the Pill by developing your mindset.

Step 1: Recognizing you need a change.

Reflect on why these changes are needed.

*Think about the potential positive and beneficial outcomes it will have in your life.

*Now that you have thought about it --- write down those outcomes if you applied healthy lifestyle changes to your life starting today.

Start simply with food.

*Self-reflect on what does food really mean to you? Is it a source of comfort, sugar cravings, boredom, lack of interest to try new things, convenience, food addiction, or simply pleasure?

*Do you ever think of food as fuel for your body?

*What kind of daily performance does your body give you in response to the type of fuel you are putting in it?

*Reboot your thinking on what food (real food) is meant for. And why the food sources you are currently choosing for fuel is or isn't helping your body and mind to perform like you wish it would.

*Evaluate your current or potential Health Risks.

---If you do NOT start applying healthier choices, habits, and a healthier mindset to your life, where could that lead you?

Step 2: Commitment

Now that you know you need healthy lifestyle changes, it's time to commit.

*A mindset of commitment to healthier lifestyle choices and willingness to apply changes to old habits is key in successfully reaching your health and wellness goals.

*Are you ready to commit?

---Mark your calendar that today is the day your are mentally ready to start your health and wellness journey!

Step 3: Growth Mindset

Expand your knowledge and learn more about what it means to live a healthier life.

*When you really believe in what you're trying to accomplish, you are more likely to stay committed to your changing and growing mindset.

*Build up a new understanding of what it means to be healthy.

---Educate yourself---

The internet has an abundance of sources to help you such as: educational and creditable websites, YouTube, Podcasts, Pinterest, phone Apps, and now available for you to follow is the Get Skinny with Jenny social media and blog posts.

*Take it slow or dive in. Whatever your speed just start somewhere.

*Nutrition is a good place to start. Basic nutrition is something we should all know. It is helpful and beneficial knowledge to have and expand upon.

Step 3 is always in progress.

*With new health and wellness trends, fads, new scientific research constantly being added to the wealth of knowledge that already exists on the internet, there is always something new to learn.

*A Growth Mindset should never go dormant.

A Growth Mindset is a set of positive beliefs that the human intelligence can be nurtured and grown and that failures are stepping stones to success.

Maximize the Power of the Pill by developing your mindset first!

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