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Before Starting Your Journey


1. Consult your physician if you are currently on any other medications or have chronic health issues.

Our ingredients are posted on our product page ( If you are pregnant or nursing wait until after the baby is weened to use our product. Doctors tend to be thrilled when a patient is interested in achieving a healthy weight! We're proud to note that doctors have recommended to their patients (who have had success with our product) to stop taking other medications as a result of the weight loss!

2. Start out with one Simply Skinny Pollen Capsule per day.

If you need stronger appetite suppression go to two a day (taken at different times - for example: take your first capsule in the morning with breakfast and water. Then, take your second capsule roughly 4 hours later with a protein rich snack and water). If this doesn't work, Jenny suggests a product change. If your current GSWJ product is working focus on staying consistent and avoid product changes. Please message us to discuss your options if you think you need an early upgrade.

3. Take one capsule when you wake up and eat a breakfast within 20 - 30 minutes upon consumption.

You're going to drink a lot of water on this, limit soda or other sugary drinks for the first 10 days during your detox period.


4. Appetite suppression will help you make better food choices. When you aren't craving sugary stuff, you will naturally start to choose more wholesome food options. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% activity based. Skinny with Jenny will help you not get that candy bar at checkout and easily be comfortable eating smaller portions.

5. Energy boost from Bee Pollen will encourage you to work out.

You'll want to be active and that doesn't mean going to the gym (although we definitely encourage it). This could mean cleaning your house, playing more with the kids, going for a walk, etc. You don't need to work out on this product, but you will find yourself moving more than usual.

6. Common side effects.

-The first 10 days during your detox period you will find yourself craving lots of water. It will be easy to flush your system out because of this side effect so you will be urinating very frequently.

-If you don't eat when you take your capsules you could feel nauseous and a bit out of it. This side effect sometimes happens even when eating, but typically subsides within 5 to 10 minutes. Once you get past the first 7 days this feeling, in most cases, doesn't happen anymore.

7. Check out the description on our product pages to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Please note that if the seal on the bottle is broken we can not offer any Refunds.

8. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

You can text Jenny directly at 304-207-3891, message us on Facebook (Get Skinny with Jenny), or talk to other Skinny with Jenny customers on our Facebook group (Get Skinny with Jenny MOTIVATION GROUP)! There's a lot of great content from satisfied customers on there. Please check it out!

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