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Testimonials: Heather Bromfield lost 20 lbs


"Before starting the bee pollen I was quite a bit overweight. I had gained weight before my third pregnancy then after I had my daughter I was around 198. I felt super uncomfortable with myself and nothing fit the way I wanted it to. I decided the beginning of January I wanted a change that I could stick with. I’ve never been good at diets so I knew I need something to boost my weight loss. After searching on Facebook for options other than the the phentermine pill I heard about the bee pollen pill. I decided to give it a try and after the first day on the level one trial pack I knew it was the real deal. My energy level went up 100%. I had more energy then I have had in a long time. After the trial pack on level one I decided to try something a little stronger so I went for the Elite. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them now. I’m on my second bottle and I’m down almost 20 pounds. It has helped control my appetite and I’m down from a size 14 to a tight 10. I’m working really hard still to be comfortable in my 10s which is my goal. I would most definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking to lose a few extra pounds and have some extra energy. You also don’t get that awful jittery feeling you get with most diet pills."

-Heather Bromfield, Sophia WV

Heather surely isn't the first mom to struggle with post-pregnancy weight gain! Getting back into your old jeans is a great feeling and so is having the energy to give your kids more attention and get day to day tasks knocked out. Bee Pollen products get you feeling productive, healthy and comfortable in in your own skin! Most people see a noticeable transformation within the first few weeks.

We'd love to hear your testimonial! Please comment below for a chance to win Skinny with Jenny products. Then hop over to our fb community and get in on some deep discussion around weight loss, nutrition, and find support to help reach your goals!

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