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Maximize the Power of the Pill with Rethinking FOOD

A quick Overview of "diet" and our daily relationship with food.

Food, diet, and nutrition is a HUGE topic. Here are a few tips and things to consider about them as you maximize the power of the pill through rethinking your food choices and start focusing on nutrition.

1. Stop focusing on CALORIES. Your body has no clue what a calorie is. Your body does know what nutrients are. Say you eat 100 calories of cookies and then eat 100 calories of broccoli - your body does not go "oh, we just received 100 calories of this and that." Nope, your body does recognize the nutrients or lack there of you just ate. Your body handles 100 calories of cookies very differently than 100 calories of broccoli. So stop being consumed and overly concerned with calories. Start being concerned and educate yourself about nutritionally diverse foods.

2. Sugar. It is everywhere and in so many foods and drinks. Our culture has a deep relationship with sugar. Sugar is even disguised with scientific names for the sugar compounds chemicals that you can barely pronounced on the ingredients list of certain food and drink products. Sugar is addictive. Doctors and scientists have taken brain scans of a person who consumed cocaine and a person who consumed sugar and the brain scan revealed the SAME areas of the brain where lit up with same activity. Also, a diagnostic test that some doctors use to find cancer cells in the body is to put that person on an I.V. bag of glucose (sugar) and then do a body scan to see where the cancer cells go to the glucose!

I suggest if you want to educate yourself of the dangers of sugar and even how companies market sugar and "healthier" options to the public, to watch the documentary called Fed Up.

Sugar substitutes - it seems that list gets bigger every year. I'm not a fan of all substitutes. I suggest you do your research on certain ones you are considering using or consuming. My personal favorites are organic Stevia, organic coconut palm sugar, and raw honey. Beware that some more chemically based substitutes that are calorie free can have side effects like causing headaches and cramping/diarrhea.

Change your relationship with sugar and see how your health transforms.

3. Processed Foods. This is a no brainer. By now most of us know we should limit and cut out processed foods do to their lack of nutritionally density and the chemical crap storm most contain. Your taste buds may be pleased but your body is now dealing with the chemical crap storm you just swallowed.

You might not have immediate effects from the chemical crap storm. But science is proving that over time our body has a hard time dealing with the genetically altered and chemically heavy components of processed foods and leads our body to create internal inflammation. Inflammation over time can cause a variety of health issues and just make you feel bad. Studies have shown that chronic inflammation has been a key component link to autoimmune diseases and G.I. problems.

Eat. Real. Food. We have the ability to access several different fruits, vegetables, healthy protein options, good healthy essential fats, and whole grains that aren't heavily processed.

We can eat seasonally or eat a pineapple at any given time. Rethink whole, clean, nutrient dense foods as an absolute must for your body to function properly. Who wants to be thin when your internal organs are poorly functioning? Not me.

4. FAT is GOOD. Healthy essential fatty acids found in good dietary fats are critical for our bodies and brains. Perhaps you have heard about the trending "Keto Diet" that focuses on eating a higher percentage of fat and no to little carbohydrates. A lot of people have success on this diet/lifestyle. Many people have successfully been cured of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other metabolic diseases.

But whether you are interested in a keto diet or not --- healthy fats can take your weight loss to a whole new level and improve your overall health.

We need to stop reaching for the "low fat" or "nonfat" or "reduced fat" food products. Guess what? That usually means chemical crap storm and more sugar to make it taste good. So start reaching for something else.

Healthy fats include olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and nuts to name a few.

Those 4 things are a starting point. Some things to make you rethink food and hopefully enlightens you to do some more research. The Get Skinny with Jenny products give you an opportunity to use the suppressed appetite and detox phase to help reboot your body and brain to rethink the choices you make on what you choose to put in your body. Be good to yourself by choosing to put good in.

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