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Goal Setting

Without goals in our lives, we can waste time in the effort we put into a direction that isn’t getting us where we want or ought to be.

When trying to achieve your ideal weight loss and wellness goals, you must take the first step of setting aside some time and brain power to be honest with yourself. Simply start by taking time to define your goal(s), establish a time line, evaluate your barriers to success, and find ways to encourage and challenge yourself. You could do all this mentally and some can do it successfully. I do strongly encourage taking the time to write it out.

If you need a few writing prompts, search for downloadable worksheets or Pinterest “goal setting worksheets” that’s how I found these.

Accountability is a huge part of achieving goals. Try using visible reminders on a calendar or hang your written goal plan on the fridge. Perhaps a piece of encouraging jewelry like a bracelet that you can look down and see as a daily reminder of what you want to achieve. Program it on your smart phone or smart watch. Share your goals with someone. Create accountability. You will be surprised how it can push you to achieve your goals and prevent you from giving up or giving into complacency.

Click the link below for the above worksheets

As with most things in life, it doesn’t happen overnight. To get results, it is a day by day renewing of the commitment to the changes you know you must keep making to get the results you want. No one else can do it for you.

The Get Skinny with Jenny Bee Pollen Products can help you with your wellness and weight loss goals. Be consistent with taking your products and mindful of how your body and mind is responding to the products. Use as directed and follow the helpful recommendations that can be found at and the Facebook community of the "Get Skinny With Jenny Motivation Group". Utilize the appetite control and energy boosts to reach your goals faster and more successfully!

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