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Testimonials: Karen Wise


"I started my journey this past October. After trying many different weight loss options I decided to try bee pollen. From day one, I had energy and a desire to eat right. As of today, March 12, I have lost 25 pounds and a bunch of inches. A year ago I was trying to battle colon cancer, a thyroid problem, and 2 broken ribs. I was a mess! My self esteem was at an all time low. The good news is my colon cancer is cured, thyroid problem gone, ribs healed, and after losing some weight, the self esteem is so much better. I love this stuff! I tell everyone about bee pollen. I want to lose about 20 more pounds and feel it will come off. So grateful for the pollen and the support!❤️❤️❤️"

-Karen Wise, Oak Hill WV

A little boost to get you on track might be all you need to begin feeling happy and healthy again! Get started with your bee pollen today and start feeling better!

We'd love to hear your testimonial! Please comment below for a chance to win Skinny with Jenny products. Then hop over to our fb community and get in on some deep discussion around weight loss, nutrition, and find support to help reach your goals!

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