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Testimonials: Shannon Conley lost 45lbs

Shannon Conley

"After several years of struggling to lose weight, I have lost 45 pounds on the Get Skinny with Jenny products!!! My life has completely turned around for the better. I finally have confidence in myself. It has given me the will power to stick to healthy eating and an exercise program! I recommend this product to everyone I come across that is looking to lose weight and have struggled with it for years like I did!"

-Shannon Conley, Fayetteville WV

Another inspired and confident pollen customer! The pollen gives you energy, curbs your appetite and makes weight loss so much more achievable. The appetite suppression makes it easier to make healthier to food choices and the energy boost gives you fuel you need to want to work out. You will naturally feel better at a healthier weight mentally and physically.

We'd love to hear your testimonial! Please comment below for a chance to win Skinny with Jenny products. Then hop over to our fb community and get in on some deep discussion around weight loss, nutrition, and find support to help reach your goals!

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