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Choosing the Right Bottle

Everyone is different and you might need to find the formulation that works best for your body chemistry, but before you get into that part you need to start with Level 1 Simply Skinny Pollen.

$50 for a 2 month supply , $14 for a 2 week trial pack (available in-store only)

Start here. Each supplement is formulated differently. Simply Skinny Pollen is a gentle first step with powerful results. The founder of Skinny with Jenny, Jennifer Lanham, lost 60lbs off of just the Simply Skinny Pollen!

$55 for a 2 month supply, $16 for a 2 week trial pack (available in-store only)

After taking Simply Skinny Pollen for a while, you may find your body building up a tolerance and feel less appetite suppression. Gold is a different formulation that will kick your cravings and leave you feeling energized.

$40.00 for a 1 month supply, $20 for a 2 week trial pack (available in-store only)

Need something that gives you even more energy? The Luxe formulation has an upgraded amount of caffeine that packs a punch and will have you amped up and ready to step on the scale in no time!

$60 for a 2 month supply, $22 for a 2 week trial pack

This powerful combo of natural ingredients will shake things up and have you looking and feeling amazing. We recommend this product to people who have used Skinny with Jenny products for a while and have plateaued and want to see another drastic shift in results.

All Skinny with Jenny products contain varying amounts of caffeine. As with any other supplement consult your doctor before consuming our products. To view all of the product ingredients view the individual products in our shop. With any questions about what product will work best for you please shoot us a message and we'd be happy to chat with you!

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